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Abilities/Powers:   Ah, nothing approaching meta-human abilities.  Ted has a genius-level IQ of 192 and is an Olympic-level acrobat.  He's trained in hand-to-hand combat and very good in aikido and karate, and a proficient martial artist.  He's an accomplished inventor, spy, and hacker, and enjoys building all sorts of crazy robotic stuff.

Other:    His costume is made up of a metal mesh fabric with circuitry in his gloves.  The circuitry activates controls in the Bug and controls the locking mechanism on his cowl, and only he, Booster, and presumably Oracle know how to use it.  He doesn't have much use for weapons, aside from his BB gun -- which is capable of felling a rhinocerous with a blast of compressed air, and also creates blinding flashes of light.

Do I Know You?:  Ted has been active, if not technically alive in the DC Universe since the 1980s.  He was a member of the Justice League International, Extreme Justice, and L.A.W, along with being an honorary member of the Birds of Prey.  (And, of course, there's the Super Buddies.  But that's technically JLI, right?)    If anything, I'm assuming he knows most of the JLA (and definitely ex-JLI members) if only by codenames.  They'd probably know him, unless they're close to him, as that one two-bit superhero who was BFF and had all sorts of crazy shenanigans with Booster Gold.  Or, if they've been paying attention, as that one two-bit superhero who was totally killed by Max Lord and uncovered the OMAC Project.

Granted, there is by no means I am up on all of Ted's appearances in the past 20 years.  I'm familiar with most of his JLI shenanigans and some Birds of Prey, but feel free to correct me/let me know if he's ever encountered your character.  A history post will be forthcoming.
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