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Previously Played Character Application

Player Info
Player Name: Mandy
Player LJ: [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]
Player Instant Messenger Type and Handle: AIM: seasonsofmists86, MSN: moo.with.me@hotmail.com, GTalk: Drunkencynic
Player Email: Drunkencynic@gmail.com
Are you 18 years of age or older? Yes

Character Info
Character Name: Ted Kord
Fandom: DC Comics
Personality and History: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Kord
Timeline: Taken from after his death at the hands of Maxwell Lord

Previously Played Info
Previous Game: [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com], mostly.
Length of Time There: 3 months
RP History: --First of all, he came back from the dead, then promptly stated to the community at large that he was not a zombie. (And definitely not pining for Booster Gold.) From there, he went on to meet his heir to the title of the Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes. He also met up with Barbara Gordon, Guy Gardner, Dick Grayson, Zatanna Zatara, and John Constantine, among others. Eventually, he found Booster again, they started dating, and Ted started to build himself a new Bug. Currently, he's been hanging around with Zatanna and showing off the Bug. He's just finished it.

Game Specific Info

Why do you want to play this character here? Number one -- well, he'd go well in Gotham. He's got connections with Oracle, Tim, and Batman -- even if Batman doesn't want to admit it. He'd probably help out with the criminal issues in Gotham, if Batman would let him. He's quite willing to return from retirement for friends. Ted would bring some cheerfulness into the crime-fighting world in Gotham -- obviously, Tim already provides some, but Ted is of the firm belief there's always more needed. Also, he'd love to be back in Gotham -- since it is, after all, a nice change from being dead, and he would be willing to offer assistance and tech support to Bruce and company. Especially since KORD Industries is currently owned by Wayne Enterprises. I'm interested in playing Ted here since it's one of the few Gotham games I've found that's active and entertaining, and there are always new ways for Ted to get to know Leaguers and members of the Batclan he hasn't exactly met before.
Why do you believe this character fits into this game’s setting? Well, for one, Ted has a spare apartment in Gotham. For another, he's pretty much used to the antics of super-villains and the like, though he hasn't had much experience with those in Gotham. The experiences he has had have been with the Birds of Prey, usually helping out Barbara or Dinah on missions. I think Ted would be great for this game because he knows Gotham, he's got a decent knowledge of its villains and heroes, and he'll bring some much-needed levity to the superhero community. Even in Gotham, it can't be all doom and gloom all the time.
What are your plans for your character in this game? Well, I'd like to see him become better friends/acquaintances with certain members of the Batfamily. Sure, he and Oracle have a great relationship, and Tim, but I'd like to work on his relationship with Bruce and Dick, if it's at all possible. After all, he and Bruce didn't have the ..greatest last encounter, at least going by Countdown to Infinite Crisis. I'd like to explore more of Ted's inventing side -- he could be a definite asset to Gotham, especially if he, Bruce, and Oracle team up. (If we get an Oracle.) Well -- challenges Ted will face, obviously, include finding somewhere to stay, finding a way to make money, and proving he is, in fact, not dead. He might even attempt to regain control of his company, though that's doubtful. Bruce undoubtedly does a much better job of running it than Ted ever did.

Writing Samples

Log/Third Person Sample: Ted was wet and cold. Sure, he expected that, having recently been in the snow in Switzerland, but he didn't expect to feel concrete underneath him. ...Actually, he didn't expect to feel anything at all, since the last thing he'd been looking at was the barrel of a gun and Maxwell Lord at the other end of it. After some confusion, he determined that he was lying on the ground in an alley in Gotham. Well, he figured it was Gotham, anyway. Only Gotham had that particular smell of too much pollution and cigarette smoke. This was an interesting turn of events. One minute he had been in Switzerland with a gun pointed at his head, and the next, he was in an alley in Gotham. Either he was dead and purgatory looked and smelled very much like Gotham, he was in an alternate universe, or he had somehow magically been transported, alive, to Gotham. The first two were doubtful, at the very least. He hadn't heard a boom tube, either, so who the hell knew what was going on. Magic was a possibility, of course, but Zatanna was probably busy saving the world from the Elder Gods or something. He needed to find someone who was in the know. Well, one answer to that question. If he was actually in Gotham, he could probably navigate his way to Oracle's clocktower pretty easily. Ted sat up and frowned. He wasn't exactly inconspicuous, as he was still dressed in his Beetle costume, busted goggles and all. Maybe if he stuck to the shadows he'd be okay. If Babs was busy, then at least he could get a hold of Bruce from the tower. Right. So finding Oracle it was.

Journal Entry/First Person Sample:

[He's currently on the floor, sprawled across some blueprints and busily scribbling down notes with a spare pencil. There's a mug of coffee somewhere nearby, not too close that it'll ruin anything if he knocks it over, of course. Then, his cell rings, and there's a few seconds of scrambling around in search of it.]

H'lo? --Hey, Boost, now's not a good time, I'm working on something, okay? [He pauses to scribble something else down, sticking his tongue out a bit in concentration]

...What? No. No, Mike, that is definitely not a good idea. ....At least not without me involved. [There's a pause.]

Wait, was that an explosion? What the hell are you doing? ...Fine, whatever, give me fifteen minutes to get changed and rev up the Bug and I'll be there, alright? ...Also, Mike, try not to get yourself killed, okay? 'Cause I would suck at giving eulogies.
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